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None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.
There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda

Welcome to Govindaraju & Co; / Govindaraju and Shanthakumar




 M/s Govindaraju & Shanthakumar is a firm of Chartered Accountants with offices in Mysore and Bangalore. The firm has immense experience in the fields of Audit,

Corporate Law, Management Consultancy, Verification, Valuation and Taxation matters.


The Firm is Rich with following Four Partners:

CA M.R.Govindaraju,FCA,

CA R.P.Shantha Kumar, FCA.,

CA K.Keshava Dongre, FCA., and

CA Latha Y Prabhu, ACA.,

Their brief particulars are appended.

The company has an array of experienced personnel in Sri.K.S.Venkatachalam, Mr.Prakash, Mr.Ranganath, and T Purushothama, all experienced bankers. 

The firm is specialised in Audits of Corporates, Financial Institutions, Public Sector Banks, Public Sector Companies, Private Sector Banks, Private Sector Companies,

Co-operative Sector institutions.  The firm has carried out Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, System Audits, Revenue audits, Transaction Audits, Stock Audits, Tax audits, Audit of Trusts and NGOs, VAT/GST audits, Concurrent Audits apart from other statutory assignments.