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None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.
There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda

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Govindaraju & Shanthakumar - Chartered Accountants

The  Executives of M/s.Govindaraju & Shanthakumar, are Mr.Venkatachalam K S, Mr.Ranganath B R and Mr.Purushothaman T at Mysore and Mr.A.Rajagopala Bhat, Mr.R.Venkataraja Rao and Mr.Ramachandra Mayya at Bangalore.
Their particulars are as given below.

Mr. K S Venkatachalam
Located atHead Office, Mysore
Wroking SinceEighteen Years
Educational QualificationsB.Sc.,
Professional QualificationsCAIIB, PG.DIM.,Retd.,AGM of PSU Bank with 35 years experience


Mr.Ranganath B R
Located atHead Office, Mysore
Working SinceThree Years
Educational QualificationsB.Sc.,
Professional Qualifications
Retired Bank Officer with 31 years of experience


Mr. A.Rajagopala Bhat
Located atBranch Office, Bangalore
Working SinceFive Years
Educational QualificationsB.Com., B.L., ACS (Inter)
Professional QualificationsRetired AGM with 35 years in Advances and Inspection


Located atBangalore
Working SinceTwelve Years
Educational QualificationsBA.,
Professional Qualifications

LLB., CAIIB Retired Bank Officer with 31 years of experience


Mr. Ramachandra Maiya

Located atBangalore
Working SinceFour Years
Educational QualificationsB.Com, CAIIB (Part 1)
Professional QualificationsRetired Senior Manager with 36 years experience as Banker


Purushothama T
Located atHead office, Mysore
Working Since2014
Educational QualificationsB.Com., LLB.,CAIIB (Part 1)
Professional QualificationsRetired Bank Officer with 30 years of experience